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Private chef – central Rome

Private chef

Business Buffets, Lunches and Dinners with private chef Ristorante Le Sorelle Rome

Buffets and private chef

Only the best, cooked in your home

Sisters Ivana and Raffaella Talacci know how to masterfully blend the art of food preparation with the organisation of business buffets, lunches and dinners through their innovative private chef service

Ristorante Le Sorelle, completely managed by women and located in Piazza di Spagna in Rome, offers its patrons traditional Roman specialities with a modern twist. The restaurant’s philosophy, which throughout the years has turned it into a must-see attraction in Rome, is reflected and preserved in the private chef service.

An always impeccable service for all occasions.

The restaurant’s wine cellar features hundreds of bottles from all over the world, that can be paired masterfully with our dishes: from meat to fish, always fresh, from starters to desserts, and all dishes are always entirely handmade.  


Our chef’s passion for Mediterranean and Roman culinary tradition and recipes is accompanied by the exceptional care used to prepare each dish, which will surprise even the most demanding client. 


This charming restaurant in the heart of Rome is the ideal location for a romantic dinner or business meeting: once you get to dessert, you can sign any contract with a happy heart.  

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Creative cuisine with private chef

Private chef Ristorante Le Sorelle Rome

Private chef
for memorable parties and unmissable events 

Ristorante Le Sorelle is the first restaurant to offer its patrons an all-female creative cuisine service.

Events, religious and civil ceremonies, weddings and private parties are just a few of the occasions where the professionalism and organisation of sisters Ivana and Raffaella Talacci can shine.

There are several specialities our chef can prepare to turn an al fresco banquet into an unforgettable memory: we recommend baking classics like bread and cakes, long and short pastas, dishes paired with exquisite fresh truffles, foie-gras, pies, canapés, buffalo mozzarella fondue, traditional cheeses and cold meats and several other dishes from the Roman tradition, revisited with a modern and creative twist.

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The ideal location for a romantic dinner

romantic dinner Rome historic centre Ristorante Le Sorelle

A sophisticated location
for a candle-lit evening

If you want to enjoy Ristorante Le Sorelle’s cuisine immersed in the stunning atmosphere of Piazza di Spagna and the Spanish Steps, do not hesitate to contact us and book a table: we look forward to seeing you for your business lunches, celebrations or a romantic candle-lit dinner.
The wine cellar is another of the restaurant’s strong points: patrons can choose from hundreds of national and international wines to suit their tastes. 
Everything has been carefully curated down to the smallest detail: from the large dining room to the table setting, including the quality service offered by our experienced waiters. 
Our restaurant also provides access for disabled patrons.

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Events Ristorante Le Sorelle Rome historic centre


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