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Chef Erio Ivaldi is a new star in Italian and international cuisine and has lived in Germany, England, Scotland and Ireland; he also lived in Paris for over two years, working alongside renowned international and Parisian chefs.  

Back in Italy, he worked with Don Alfonso in Sant’Agata dei Golfi (Naples).

He now officially belongs to Le Sorelle, where he brought many novel ideas. 

Only 32 years old, he is already a rising star in Italian and international cuisine.  

Speciality Roman restaurant near Piazza di Spagna

speciality Roman restaurant Piazza di Spagna Rome centre

Le Sorelle is a restaurant that offers creative cuisine near Piazza di Spagna in Rome.

Located in one of the capital’s most picturesque locations, the restaurant, which specialises in catering services, is managed impeccably by sisters Ivana and Raffaella Talacci, in collaboration with Mamma Luciana.

The dishes created for and served to the patrons of Ristorante Le Sorelle are rooted in Roman cuisine, with a modern twist.


Using innovative techniques and pairings such as mussel, watermelon and mint salad — a fresh and light starter that is the ideal preamble to a lunch of high-quality food and wine — Ristorante Le Sorelle blends innovation and respect for the great Roman culinary tradition.

Amongst the varied produce on offer, we especially recommend you try porcini mushrooms, fresh truffles and other diverse fish and meat specialities. The quality of raw ingredients and the skill and passion of our chef make Ristorante Le Sorelle the ideal place to organise a business brunch, romantic dinner or a meeting between friends.

While eating well is undeniably important, doing it while enjoying a spectacular view of Piazza di Spagna and the Spanish Steps while you dine by candlelight is priceless. Ristorante Le Sorelle offers its guests breathtaking scenery and the atmosphere of La Dolce Vita.


You can also contact us to arrange an outdoor buffet or dinner served in your home thanks to our private chef service.

Speciality porcini mushrooms and fresh truffles

speciality restaurant porcini mushrooms central Rome
Ristorante Le Sorelle is the perfect spot to savour menus filled with porcini mushroom and fresh truffle dishes.
These magnificent gifts from the earth are combined with different meats, pastas and risottos to create dishes of Roman and Mediterranean cuisine revisited in a creative and modern way.

The location of the restaurant is definitely its real strength, just a few steps from Piazza di Spagna and the Spanish Steps: ideal for both tourists visiting Rome and residents of the capital city, who over the years have learned to appreciate the continuous culinary research Ivana and Raffaella Talacci instil in all specialities on the menu. An unforgettable setting to spend your evenings enjoying fine wines and food.

At Ristorante Le Sorelle, our customers will always find fresh meat and fish, hundreds of local and international wines, innovative dishes like ‘tonnarelli alla gricia’ with black truffles, and delicious pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven.

New dishes and specialities

speciality Ristorante Le Sorelle Rome historic centre
Rice rosti with aubergine

Ristorante Le Sorelle presents new seasonal dishes and flavours. It is our chef’s privilege to use only authentic and top-quality ingredients for his recipes, carefully selected according to the season to offer goodness and freshness in every dish.

Renewing the menu is a way to tempt and conquer your palate with new flavours and pairings, like with our rice rosti with creamy aubergine and tomato ‘vellutata’ soup.
A vegetarian dish that everyone can enjoy.

Reservations recommended. Contact us to reserve a table for a business lunch or private party. We can be reached at the following numbers:
+39 066794969 - +39 066797583.
We also organise banquets and corporate parties. We accept payment by cash or credit card.

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